Full house SKKU Goshiwon Seoul Korea

Full house SungKyunkwan univ.(Goshiwon Seoul Korea) is located near Hyehwa station.


서울시 종로구 명륜동2가 8-28  http://goo.gl/maps/rqW80 

University & Metro

Hyehwa station

Price a month

KRW 330,000~700,000

Private Room 

Shower & toilet space, Bed, Wardrobe, desk ,bookshelf, TV(w/monitor), Air conditioner, Refrigerator

Public space

Kitchen, laundry, public PC in the passageway,Shower & toilet space

Internet / Wifi


Food for free

Rice, Kimchi, Ramen



Room type
*Mini room : Single Room with public bathroom

*One room : Single Room with private bathroom
*Tween room : Room for 2 people




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