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Finding a room Reservation Service



Monthly room for rent Seoul [No deposit] (Seoul)


Do you want to find a full furnished room in Seoul? Do you want to get detailed info for a room?
I can help you looking for a full furnished room with detailed information anywhere in Seoul ;cheap $300~$700 a month,$15~25 a day, safe, monthly, daily, private.

You can reserve a room(goshiwon), anywhere in Seoul !!!


* Free : internet, wifi, meal, coffee, green tea, laundry, detergent and so on
 * More positive point : Room manager, No deposit, No utility fee



*online reservation procedure :

recommend rooms - choose a room with picture and info - safe reservation with detailed information - how to come


*online reservation service fee: KRW50,000($50)


 If you have a question, please feel free to ask me.
 Language : 한국어, English, 日本語


 Kakaotalk ID : storykorea

 Facebook live chatting :

Website :



 Gosiwon Story KOREA
 Best room information & reservation with  room experts for you in Korea

 Thank you very much



Inquiry about our service !!








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