Yoonhee Gositel   

Hongdae Hongik univ. station 

Goshiwon Seoul Korea

Yoonhee Gositel Hongdae(Goshiwon Seoul Korea) is located near Hongik university, Hongik univ station.


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Hongdae Hongik univ station

University & Metro

Hongik univ, Hongik univ station

Price a month

KRW 400,000~550,000

Private Room

bathroom, Bed, Wardrobe, desk ,bookshelf, TV,

Air conditioner, Refrigerator

Public space

Kitchen, laundry, Elevator

Internet / Wifi


Food for free



 Room type

*One room : Single Room with private bathroom







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or if you have any questions, please ask us on email ^^

What is Gosiwon?




Please send an email : manager@gosiwonstory.com

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